Reflections & Resources from the RACGP QLD Clinical Update

I escaped the rock recently and spent the long weekend in Brisbane.  In addition to the usual mainland activities (eating out, shopping, attending the local cinema and more shopping), I attended the RACGP Qld Clinical Update. I often come home from conferences feeling reinvigorated and inspired, but I never end up collating or organising my notes and ideas into anything intelligible (let alone useful).  This year, IslandDocs has motivated me to share some take home messages from the conference, as well as a few clinical pearls that will likely change my practice (and hopefully will be useful for you as well).

My favourite take home messages

Geoff Toogood is a brave and inspirational man (and cardiologist), who I could have listened to all day.  He shared his personal journey dealing with depression and anxiety and he highlighted a few things that resonated with me:

  1. We need to get better at looking after ourselves and our colleagues
  2. We also need to normalise the conversation about doctors’ mental health
  3. Essentially our culture needs to change and it’s up to us to change it – our own lives depend on it

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Magnesium for leg cramps…just as good as placebo?

Clinical question: does magnesium work for leg cramps?

Findings 1: Cochrane review, 2012

Both magnesium & placebo reduce the frequency of leg cramps with a non-significant difference between the two groups.  The Cochrane review analysed four RCTs (n=322), two of which were deemed to have a high risk of bias and the remaining two trials had a combined total of 86 participants – better quality evidence needed.

Findings 2: Roguin Moar et al. JAMA, 2017

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Urinary incontinence

Island Docs are generalists.  We strive to maintain a breadth of knowledge rather than focus on a particular specialty field.  In our efforts to provide high quality patient care, we work hard to keep up to date with the latest evidence and guidelines.  We are lucky to receive regular visiting specialists, who continue to teach us and support us.  In this section, we go back to basics and present approaches to common conditions seen in rural general practice.  We’ll also try to include any hot tips and tricks from our visiting specialists.

GP Summary: Urinary Incontinence
FROGS Outreach Teaching 13/03/2018

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