Preventative Medicine: Healthy Kai Kai & Deadly Exercise

As primary healthcare doctors we have the privilege of educating and promoting good health amongst our patients. We know that preventive medicine is essential in reducing the morbidity and mortality of chronic disease including the most commonly seen here in Torres Strait Islanders: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia

As we improve our preventative health screening practices in Remote Indigenous Health we inevitably encounter incidental abnormalities in routine pathology. Given our limited resources and developing recall systems, what do we do about them?

The ABS report that remote indigenous populations are 2-3 times as likely to suffer from anaemia compared to their urban counterparts. A prevalence of greater than 5% is considered by the World Health Organization to be of public health significance. Childhood iron deficiency anaemia has been reported as high as 90% in some remote communities and has been associated with cognitive and psychomotor delay.